How to get views on YouTube and how to promote video


How to get views on YouTube and how to promote video

YouTube video hosting site is not only a way to have fun, but also a tool for making money. Google makes hundreds of millions of profits from advertising in videos and generously shares it with the owners of successful channels. But in order for payments to reach tangible sizes, you need to promote your channel, gain as many views and subscribers as possible.

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How to get views on YouTube

Create quality content

The main factor that affects the popularity of a channel or video among users is the interest or usefulness of the video itself. Providing universal advice on creating interesting videos is hardly possible. Each video blogger finds its own niche and way to communicate with subscribers.

Analysis of the now popular YouTube videos allows us to identify several main areas of content creation:

Publication of interviews and opinions of famous people. You can start by interviewing yourself or experts in a specific field. Good results are obtained by recording a video with an already promoted blogger. The main thing is that the story arouses interest among the target audience.

Guides and instructions. One of the most popular types of content that easily gains views. The instructions can record ways to use gadgets or software, standard and non-standard methods of solving everyday problems. The advantage of this approach is that it’s easier to shoot such manuals and cheaper than other types of videos.

Reviews Statistics show that modern customers, when choosing products, are guided not so much by text as by video reviews. Therefore, these videos are popular on YouTube. The main thing is to be objective and highlight the real pros and cons of the subject being monitored.
Interesting stories. Video clips in the style of storytelling, accompanied by beautiful frames, screenshots and graphs, also quickly gain views and attract subscribers to the channel. It is necessary to choose a sphere that will be of interest to most people or a specific target audience.

Entertaining videos. Such content takes first place in popularity among visitors to YouTube video hosting. It is difficult to identify specific areas, since the concept of «entertainment» varies greatly from age, gender, social status and other factors. The best option is to choose a specific target audience and make videos for it. For example, children’s videos or videos for women.

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